Zero chance I’m opening this door. Nope, nope, nope all the nopes. #househunting #creepybasements #ineedafriendwithme #realestate #scarysuprises



  • @markrhayem 5 days ago

    That's where they keep the gimp!

  • @donna.sater 5 days ago

    @markrhayem I was there alone and totally freaked myself out with my imagination. 🙀

  • @markrhayem 5 days ago

    I would of done the same thing but I'm sure the gimp is sleeping. Haha

  • @jlgtroupe 5 days ago

    Do you carry?

  • @donna.sater 5 days ago

    @jlgtroupe I carry Mace and I’m scrappy. 😂

  • @johnhyland111 4 days ago

    You won’t open that door

  • @terri_martinson 3 days ago

    @donna.sater you should carry.