( @philthylady )

9:56 PM Jan 7, 2018
After taking a week off and skipping my last 20 miler I was able to pull this one off in 13 degree weather with a cold. I thought I’d have pneumonia right now but I think I somehow feel better. Tapering starts now but will be actually be more exercise than I’ve done in 2 months 😂. This endeavor did not go as planned. #suchislife #miamimarathon2018 #roadtoboston



  • @victoriaenglish2012 11:11 PM Jan 7, 2018

    Hip is okay?!! Great run sistaaaaas!!!!! Meows!!!!!

  • @philthylady 11:44 PM Jan 7, 2018

    @victoriaenglish2012 It’s fine I think. Insurance didn’t approve the mri so still don’t know what the issue is. After taking a week completely off it felt better so I’m sure it’s nothing serious 😊

  • @eyecanhazlolz 2:17 AM Jan 8, 2018


  • @sportspice 8:30 PM Jan 17, 2018