PHEW. Just went on a run... from Volkman to Thompson. You ever experience that? Sometimes cold is a metaphor for life and you just have to run away from it every once in a while. But sometimes the faster you run, the colder it gets cuz breezes are a real thing right? Well, stay away from the breeze and stay away from the cold and run to the best life you could imagine. Stay away from the cold and stay fit. 💪🏼 #nofilter #filters #fitness #running #cold #winter #staywarm #campus #motivationmonday #motivationalquotes #motivationfriday #sarcasm #fakewisdom



  • @adailysurprise 3 days ago

    this is great

  • @mara.schumacher 3 days ago

    don’t tell me what to do matt.

  • @surfacelevelband 3 days ago

    Don’t tell me how to live my life, Matthew.

  • @mynumber1crush 3 days ago

    👍 👍 👍

  • @rebeca.pina 2 days ago

    Love this😂