The point is, the video is not comparing the PRODUCTS they have. It's comparing the BRANDS itself. It's showing how Rihanna was talking about how she wanted all races to be beautiful. On the other hand, Kylie said she made this palette for her and hopefully we like it. But Rihanna took into thought about other women's perspective. So yes the 2 brands can be comparable.



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  • @biopolarity 12:06 AM Oct 20, 2017

    @dieforabel some sources can give false information.

  • @fjhs_students 12:56 AM Oct 20, 2017

    I luv

  • @scnnydays 1:01 AM Oct 20, 2017

    Love rhi 💓

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  • @girlyadmiring 2:44 AM Oct 20, 2017

    @hypedupmakeup k you can rest off my page 👋 this is so petty. I'm not proving you right or proving me right we just have different opinions on the situation 🤷‍♀️. I'm to busy promoting brands then argue with you 🤗. Just saying I support Fenty more than Kylie Cosmetics because Rihanna took into thought about the people ✌️

  • @hypedupmakeup 3:30 AM Oct 20, 2017

    @girlyadmiring You don't have any more arguments and you know you are wrong, that's why you want to cut the discussion short. And fyi I like Fenty Beauty way more than Kylie Cosmetics but I also can't stand hypocrisy, that's why I had to give you all the facts even if you didn't want to hear them. 😉

  • @lmao.anaaa 4:05 AM Oct 20, 2017

    @riley.eagan u right

  • @christinadrymonis 4:17 AM Oct 20, 2017

    @rita.sabe she da best

  • @muhayya.2004 4:46 AM Oct 20, 2017

    @lu_.cy_ nah it's because it's incredibly include on her first launch

  • @hypedupmakeup 5:10 AM Oct 20, 2017

    @girlyadmiring I didn't start drama, I just said my opinion and respectfully dismissed you because you were wrong. You started the argument by responding to my comment, love. And how can you be the bigger person when you're calling me names and judging me? I've been respectful during the whole thing and never attacked you personally like you did. If you didn't want to discuss, then disable your comments or block me but don't insult me. That's rude and not a good example. You keep responding, if you really was done with the argument, you wouldn't have took the time to type this last comment that is very nasty btw for someone who is supposed to be responsible. 😕

  • @girlyadmiring 5:20 AM Oct 20, 2017

    @hypedupmakeup you were saying that I wanted to cut the discussion short because I was "wrong." That's not a fact so I got offended and lashed out on you. Like I said we both had our different opinions.. I called you petty because you were assuming I had no more arguments and "called me out" for it.... I also said get off my page so goodbye 👋❤️

  • @brookemilner.x 6:09 AM Oct 20, 2017

    They’re saying that Kylie is doing it for her self and Rihanna’s doing it for everyone of all races and colour @riley.eagan

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    Hahahahah @lodiasebit @emmaleeyangbang @liliansebit

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    not comparable at all wtf????

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    @20sooph03 hahahahahahahahahahahhahq

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    @20sooph03 teamFenty

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    Yes bih

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    @riley.eagan did u just not read the caption homie they're comparing the brands damn y'all needa read

  • @riley.eagan 2:55 AM Oct 21, 2017

    @o.kaylin did you read that i’m not talking about the caption

  • @samanthaa.spaam 3:48 AM Oct 21, 2017

    @riley.eagan i agree, but disagree only because they’re “comparing” the fact that kylie did it for herself as to rihanna doing it for women of every color. but i do agree with you as to how they can’t please everyone

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    @riley.eagan she has also said that about lip colors like libra

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    Ta punya simamah itu teh? @ntsya.p

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    yes jgn lupa beli lohh @padi.ah

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    Rihanna is so much more respectful to people Kylie should learn a few things

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    @haleighsnyd the shade

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    @abrielle_7 yes 👌

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    kylie is just plain simple selfish lmao

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    Love Rihanna's personality 😍